News (2020/05/26): IJACI-PRICAI 2020 has rescheduled its in-person event due to COVID-19. If you are not aware, please see the announcement in the link here. As we have announced earlier, we follow the logistic plan of the main conference. We understand and agree on the importance and critical value of the in-person event for the workshops. We are committed to making every effort to have the experience in-person. Based on the main conference plan, the most likely scenario would be the workshop will be held on one of the dates during January 5-10, 2021, in Kyoto, Japan. We are both happy and eager to continue organizing the workshop in January. We are planning for the second round submission window opening, with actual dates (deadlines, event) will be determined based on IJCAI-PRICAI Workshop chairs’ decision on the new schedule for workshops. Please stay tuned!

News (2020/05/25): Round 1 paper notifications are out. Papers accepted to the Round 1 will get guaranteed presentation slots at the workshop in January 2021.

News (2020/05/07): We are aware of the recent annoucement of the main conference logistic decision. We will follow up with details soon.

Recent advances in AI help improving our understanding on dynamic human crowd motion and behavior. These advances provide essential grounds for modeling and simulating human crowd under various environmental conditions such as architectural structures (e.g. buildings, stations, stadiums, museums, airports). There is a growing recent interest in identifying relationship between human (crowd) behavior and the built environmental structures, utilizing recent developments in AI and machine learning techniques as well as incorporating findings from perceptual, cognitive principles.

This inaugural IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 Workshop aims to initiate the first-of-its-kind gathering of multidisciplinary experts interested in this area. This multidisciplinary approach combines cognitive principles and many different areas of machine learning to study the relationship between human behavior and the spaces they inhabit. It will also provide a platform for discussion on collecting appropriate data and challenges in the future gatherings.

Call for Contributions

We are looking for submissions of position papers and work-in-progress extended abstracts (2 pages) on the relevant topics, including but not limited to:

How to Submit

Papers must be written in English, and no longer than 2 pages in IJCAI-PRICAI format. Only the list of references may go beyond this page limit. Optionally, you may submit supplementary materials (e.g. videos) up to 20 MB.

The reviewing process will follow the double blind policy. Position papers, forwarding looking work (work yet to be done), and summaries of recently published work are all welcome.

The official template can be downloaded from here.

The link to the submission CMT site is here.


Program Schedule

The inaugural event will be scheduled as a half-day workshop, with 1~2 invited talks and spotlight presentations followed by a poster session. The details will be announced closer to the workshop date on the website:

Organizing Committee

Sejong is the primary contact for the organizing committee. Please send your questions to